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Collins Living-Learning Center Sign
1. This placard let's you know that you're at the Collins LLC.

Collins Lying Lusting Center
2. Like any other coed dorm, the Collins LLC had its share of intrigue.

Tom Collins
3. J mixes a Tom Collins at the Collins LLC. (Indiana University is a dry campus, but fret not; all drinks on ROX are mixed with simulated alcohol.)

4. Why is this man putting this chair on this table?

Smokin' Toast
5. Toast takes a long, healthy drag on another cigarette.

J&B at the LLC
6. J&B at the Collins Living Learning Center.

Leonine J
7. Years before ROX, J was interviewed by B for Indiana Urinalysis.

J Eats
8. J eats a meal in the Collins Cafeteria.

Bonnie Recounts
9. Dr. Martha "Bonnie" Kendall recalls her encounter with a women's urinal.

10. Hose 'em down.

Flowerpot Urinal
11. When restrooms change genders, hardware gets repurposed.

Jim Explains
12. Jim Beeson discusses the finer points of urinal etiquette.

Monty Cake
13. Monty discourses on the nature of urinal cakes.

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