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Greenwood Park Mall
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Location: Greenwood Park Mall [mall]

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Production Notes:

July 15th, 2003
Shut Down By The Man

B: If you know Greenwood, Indiana, then you surely know the Greenwood Park Mall. When I was growing up there, the mall was pretty much the center of life in the town.

Shopping malls are the temples of commerce in our consumer society, and as such they are hallowed ground. Greenwood Park Mall is no exception. Indeed, it is one of the biggest malls in the country. As a teenager, I considered the Greenwood Park Mall to be a symbol of everything that is wrong with our materialistic culture.

Our shoot in the Greenwood Park Mall never got off the ground. We went to the center of the mall, and I did a nice slow pan for an establishing shot. But before we could shoot any interviews, mall security got on our case and told us we couldn't make videos in the mall.

Shopping malls are private property, I guess, so they can make any rules they want. But it seems to me that these are quasi-public spaces and that some measure of free expression should be allowed.

Anyway, we went across the street to the County Line Mall, where security was much more relaxed, and taped our interviews there.

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