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November 11th, 2004
Taylor Made

B: Scoring an interview with Phil Taylor was a major coup for Indiana Urinalysis. Phil was foreman of plumbing for Indiana University at the time, and I've often been told that his interview “makes” the documentary.

Phil was receptive to being interviewed because he was something of a local celebrity already. His collection of IU memorabilia was legendary, as were his lawn ornaments. When we first contacted him, he assumed that's what the project was all about.

When he found out that our topic was the urinals of Indiana University, he didn't balk. He gave us a very engaging interview. In fact, he gave it to us twice. We had microphone problems the first time and had to reshoot.

Sadly, Mr. Taylor was not pleased with the final product. When he saw it, he was so upset that he asked the television station to destroy it. I never understood exactly why. He even went so far as to say that we'd interviewed him under false pretenses.

Fortunately, we'd gotten everyone involved to sign release forms.

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Phil Explains
Drawing on years of experience as the foreman of plumbing at Indiana University, Phil Taylor enumerates the various types of urinals found on campus.

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