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PlasticDave is an ardent devotee.

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Current Location: New Jersey

Vital Statistics

Real Name:
Evad Citsalp
new jersey
associates degree in nothing
Distinguishing Marks:
a scar on the top of my head and a freckle on my penis.
Pre-Existing Conditions:
depressed substance abusing social outcast
Prior Convictions:
Last Book Read (and opinion in 4 words or less):
charles bukowski- post office
Last Video Rented (and opinion in 4 words or less):
maniac - joe spinell is insane
Political Orientation:
Religious Affiliation:
Musical Instrument(s):
banjo guitar bass drums
Favorite Music/Band(s):
captain beefheart
Favorite Techno-Fetish-Object:
musical bullshit
Favorite Sport/Activity:
working on creating a death ray with surgical tubing, trash can lids, a car battery and chicken wire.
Favorite Drug(s):
booze. pot.
Favorite Mixed Drink(s):
a zima slimeball
Personal Motto/Excuse:
reincarnations around the bend
Media for PlasticDave:
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