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Current Location: Austin

Vital Statistics

Real Name:
Peter J. Christie
Indy a No Place
Four years to finish high school, nine years to finish college.
Distinguishing Marks:
Sunglasses at night.
Pre-Existing Conditions:
Pigeon toes
Prior Convictions:
Current Job(s), Length Held:
Previous Job(s), Length Held:
Rabble Rouser, Web Agency Partner, Interactive Producer in the advertising industry and Web Lackey for a black and Catholic University
Last Book Read (and opinion in 4 words or less):
Soul Mountain
Last Video Rented (and opinion in 4 words or less):
curbyrenthusiasm very funny and
Political Orientation:
Religious Affiliation:
Musical Instrument(s):
guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals...
Favorite Music/Band(s):
I love them all, as long as they don't sound like anyone else.
Favorite Techno-Fetish-Object:
roland juno 60
Favorite Sport/Activity:
Favorite Drug(s):
Favorite Mixed Drink(s):
pina colada, gin and tonic, nectar of the gods, or hot passion.
Personal Motto/Excuse:
I'll burn that bridge when I cross it.
PJ Shows His Wits

PJ makes a damn spectacle of himself at the Bacchus parade.

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Media for PJ:
Pix for PJ:
The Mohawking of PJ
Lisa clips; PJ sits; Stacy sips.

Hurricane PJ
Having survived another tropical storm in New Orleans, PJ refreshes himself with an appropriate beverage.

PJ Tripped
PJ recounts his experiences drinking coffee and dropping acid.

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