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Tony Brewer

Any friend of ours is a friend of fools.

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Current Location: Bloomington

Vital Statistics

Real Name:
Tony Brewer
Crawfordsville, Ind.
BA in English from IU (1993)
Distinguishing Marks:
My goofy grin and general lack of sartorial flair.
Pre-Existing Conditions:
Rapier wit; good timing.
Prior Convictions:
Hayward Sanitarium.
Current Job(s), Length Held:
Book editor (since aught 1); freelance wordsmith (also since about aught 1); plus a number of no-to-low-paying jobettes such as audio producer, poetry slam master, sound effects artist, adult literacy tutor, etc. I bear the curse of a full life quite well!
Previous Job(s), Length Held:
IU Press as a prod/ed asst. for about 8 years.
Last Book Read (and opinion in 4 words or less):
War of the Worlds -- Wells was a freak.
Last Video Rented (and opinion in 4 words or less):
Tomb Raider 2: Electric Boogaloo -- LIPS! + TITS! = Angelina Jolie
Political Orientation:
To the right of left.
Religious Affiliation:
Musical Instrument(s):
Percussion, foley, and my own dulcet vox. Also, when provoked I can beat box the way your mama likes it.
Favorite Music/Band(s):
My Trinity: Zeppelin, Zappa, Tom Waits. But also M.Ward, Interpol, Terremoto, Bjork, Johnny Cash, Chemical Bros., The Creatures, Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles
Favorite Techno-Fetish-Object:
My cell phone has never made me come.... Oh, you mean *that* kind of fetish. In that case, manual typewriters.
Favorite Sport/Activity:
Poetry -- it's a sport when you slam it!
Favorite Drug(s):
Planet Earth. Also, beer.
Favorite Mixed Drink(s):
!Margaritas! !Ole!
Personal Motto/Excuse:
"May you always be prepared for what you want" / "Hey, I wasn't even in town that weekend."

Tony Brewer produced and directed eight episodes of Hayward Sanitarium.

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Ritual Sacrifice
Somewhere in rural Indiana, four young men carry off their "friend" for what nefarious purpose we may never know.

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