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Location: Bloomington [city]

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Production Notes:

February 8th, 2003
Bloomington ROX

B: It's hard to imagine that ROX could have evolved anywhere but Bloomington, IN.

Related locations:

Monroe County [county]

The Comedy Attic [attic]
Homegrown Studios [studio]
Monroe County Public Library [library]
MF's Apartment [apartment]
Sam's Apartment [apartment]
Amanda's Apartment [apartment]
526 N Prow #2 [apartment]
TBlack's Apartment on Stull [apartment]
Monroe County Courthouse [courthouse]
Allen Building [building]
Second Story [building]
Big Red Liquors [building]
Bluebird [building]
Wylie House [building]
Monroe County Injustice Building [building]
John Waldron Arts Center [building]
Daisybrain Media Center & Gallery [building]
Bloomington Police Department Headquarters [building]
Bloomington Hospital [building]
DialAmerica Marketing, Bloomington Branch Office [building]
Seminary Square Kroger [building]
Stonebelt Shriner's Club [building]
Poplars Parking Garage [building]
Eastland Plaza [building]
McCulla School [building]
Abandoned House [building]
Brad's House [building]
Bloomington Health Center (Planned Parenthood) [building]
Daily Grind [building]
Bloomington Peace & Justice Center [building]
Salvation Army [building]
JB's Salvage [building]
Johnson Creamery [building]
Bloomingfoods East [building]
Eric & Rachel's House on 12th Street [building]
Primal Urge [building]
Jenny B's House [building]
Jenny B's Parents' House [building]
The Geduld Residence [building]
M.E.A.D. Femtobrewery [building]
Monroe County Jail [building]
The 714 House [building]
Encore Café [building]
Partridge & Quigley Coffee Roasting Co. [building]
The Crow's Nest [building]
Varsity Villas [apartment complex]
Eton Mews [apartment complex]
Bloomington Farmer's Market [structure]
Bryan Park [park]
Lower Cascades Park [park]
White Oak Cemetery [cemetery]
2nd Street [street]
Cottage Grove [street]
Kirkwood Avenue [street]
4th Street [street]
3rd & Dunn [street]
10th Street [street]
3rd Street [street]
Washington Street [street]
Walnut [street]
Lincoln [street]
Dunn [street]
College Mall Road [street]
Indiana Avenue [street]
Tibetan Cultural Center [estate]
Indiana University, Bloomington Campus [campus]
Lake Griffy [lake]
Pigeon Hill [neighborhood]

Media for Bloomington:
Pix for Bloomington:
Fly Boy
A college student demonstrates the Hoosier response to a video camera. (Note that this arresting image appeared in the "next week" teaser at the end of ROX #63, but it is not to be found in ROX #64 itself.)

J&B on the Trax
B expounds yet another point in his endless pursuit of social justice, while J enjoys a cocktail and a cigarette.

Jon Cooks
Jon cooks up a vegetarian feast for friends.

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