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Title: Complaint
Type: tech

editor b.

i have a BIG complaint to air to you concerning how you've recently allowed rox episodes to be downloaded to my own personal hard drive for instant gratification.

it wasn't practical to sit down and show my friends episodes of rox before because in the viewer i would have to wait until it would download before i could watch it. no streaming for me.

but now you make it possible for me download them and enjoy rox with drink in hand on DEMAND? how can you possibly think this was a good idea? how am i going to get anything done now?

since this has happened the turn of events have involved all of my friends who happen to stop by for a smoke, have now SEEN rox for the very first time.

this has presented a problem now because all my friends want to watch a different episode every time they come over and i'm having trouble maintaining enough hard drive space. can't you see what you've done?

i have no free space on my hard drive, my friends won't leave me alone, and i'm all out of snack food and pot.

thanks a lot b ;)

— posted by Jeff Elbow on April 6th, 2006

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