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How You Can Help Make ROX

We need all the help we can get.

Say What?

How You Can Help Make ROX

Maybe you wanna help. Maybe you just wanna watch us stumble. Maybe both. Fortunately, we've got a solution for your desires. Please pick one, or several, and contact us — either by mail, at PO Box 9043, Missoula MT 59807; or via e-mail.

Your television will hate you for it.
Which is good, right?


We're constantly looking for music and video to feature in the program. Check out our submission guidelines and wish list.


Because we have always relied on the kindness of strangers, which helps us produce all kinds of strangeness.


We love hearing from you, about whatever's on your mind. We might find some use for your letter on the show; but even if we don't, please know that we keep every letter we ever received (J's got the file cabinet to prove it!), and we pull them out on cold nights to warm our hearts.


We're looking for a few good people and businesses to help put ROX on television stations around the world. There are two ways you can help us do this.

  1. One is to send us money.

  2. There is another way to sponsor ROX: as a community liaison. This means taking the responsibility to get ROX on your local cable access station. This involves a modicum of legwork, but we'll love you lots. Let us know if you wanna help in your community.
Recent pix:
Rock You Like a Hurricane
(Warning: gratuitous '80s pop-metal reference)

Happy J
Is he on drugs or something?

5th Grade Teacher
Holy heck! It's Xy's 5th grade teacher!! And now Xy is a 5th grade teacher!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!!

Your Weary Editor
Editor B logs long hours on decks.

Random pix:
Good Haircut
B shaves his head to kick off the third season of ROX.

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