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And this is the stuff we want.

Say What?

Wish List

This page will list the audio/video content we are currently seeking. As such it should be updated on a frequent if irregular basis. If you can help us get any of this stuff, please let us know! Also be sure to check out our submission guidelines.

Hangover Cures

  • The obvious: Any genuine hangover cures, with a focus on remedies that are unusual in some way. Although we wouldn't wish a hangover on anyone, we'd like to see you actually use the remedy, so if that means drinking heavily the night before — well, please use good judgment.
  • The less obvious: Metaphoric hangovers. The excesses of society might be said to lead to a state of hangover. Find an example, diagnose the problem, and recommend a cure.


  • As J & Day build a new house in Montana, Xy & B are rebuilding their house in New Orleans. What are you (re)building?

Point J

  • Unusual methods of transportation: We'd like to see how you get around. Snowshoes, greaser cars, riding your motorcycle through New York City during rush hour... It's all fair game. Just please note that we're not interested in recreation so much as transportation.
  • Walking to work: We're looking for someone who walks a long way (half an hour or more) to work each day.
  • Burned out cars: Of course we always want to see footage of dead cars, especially if their death was gruesome. We're particularly partial to the burned-out shells of automobiles.

The Four Seasons

  • Four part harmony: This one take some planning and an entire year to execute. Videotape yourself doing a four-step process, with one step in each of the four seasons. It might be best to shoot all four segments in the same outdoor location, to emphasize the contrast.

Property is Theft

Yes, we're still seeking content on this theme for future installments...

  • Squatting: An interview with a squatter, or a day in the life of a squatter. It may be necessary to conceal the precise location of the squat, but we'd like to see the actual space.
  • Hutterites: We'd like an inside look at the Hutterites or (any other sect that holds property in common) with an eye to property issues.
  • Chistiania: We've heard about this anarchist village located within Copenhagen. Apparently it's been there for decades but is now threatened because of property issues. We'd love to get some video that tells this story.
  • China: Private property has recently become legal in China. Can we score an interview with an old-school hard-line communist who can offer a critical perspective on this development?
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(Warning: gratuitous '80s pop-metal reference)

Happy J
Is he on drugs or something?

5th Grade Teacher
Holy heck! It's Xy's 5th grade teacher!! And now Xy is a 5th grade teacher!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!!

Your Weary Editor
Editor B logs long hours on decks.

Random pix:
The Image of Success
Maybe you'd get ahead if you upgraded your wardrobe.

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