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Title: Oh my god.
Type: review
Date: July 9th, 2004

Nate Johnson:
Oh my god.

If you haven't seen this episode yet, you seriously need to. I just finished watching my very own copy of ROX #90 on DVD. You should buy a copy of it and watch it on your nice home theater, not a lousy little pop up window on your cheap computer monitor. I think you can get the DVD here:

Well maybe you should be able to get it there. Shit I don't know.

Anyway the point is that yet again J and B tirelessly take you just beyond the limit of normally acceptable humor to make you say “Oh my god!”.

You think I'm just shamelessly plugging this so that more people will watch it and hear my music that happens to be part of the soundtrack? I think the FCC calls this plugola, and it might even be illegal. Of course the whole internet is an area ranging from light gray to dark gray when it comes to the law. I like it that way. I hope it never changes in that respect. The point is that its not just hype. ROX #90 is truly shocking and hilarious. Imagine this: a naked chick putting on a bikini made of raw meat and shaking her thang in front of the camera. Uh-huh. raw meat. wow. Ok now imagine this: a full-screen shot of J's cock. A very lengthy one too. The shot. The shot is long. Well his cock is pretty long too. And the shocking full screen nature of it on your large home theater display almost makes you feel like you're breathing on it. It might even make you twitch your face around a little as the sympathetic sensation of J's short and curlies tickling your nose becomes very real to you.

Ok well, like I said, ROX #90 is a real Oh my god'der. Check it out.

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