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Any friend of ours is a friend of fools.

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Current Location: Bloomington

Vital Statistics

Real Name:
Nate Johnson
Bloomington, IN
enough formal education to know better than to pursue more.
Distinguishing Marks:
birth mark, right ankle.
Pre-Existing Conditions:
slightly cranky. often.
Prior Convictions:
always managed to talk my way out of it.
Current Job(s), Length Held:
computer engineer. its actually more specific than that, but when I start to explain it your eyes will glaze over. 4 years.
Previous Job(s), Length Held:
technical support. 9 months.
Last Book Read (and opinion in 4 words or less):
The 5 Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq. --mostly shit I already knew.
Last Video Rented (and opinion in 4 words or less):
The Corporation --Shit. Fucking life changing.
Political Orientation:
Religious Affiliation:
Musical Instrument(s):
Saxaphones, Clarinet, Flute. Enough piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion to write for them, but not enough to perform on them. In reality, though, I'm just a frustrated singer.
Favorite Music/Band(s):
I could go on at length, but I'll just list my own: Gyrogenics Ensemble. Nate Johnson Trio. Kyle Quass Group. Monster Zero Orchestra.
Favorite Techno-Fetish-Object:
while ($adversary=='Neo') { fork(agent_Smith); }
Favorite Sport/Activity:
Arp-storming the router at open public wireless access points, and watching the yuppies get mad at their powerbooks.
Favorite Drug(s):
Coffee. Beer.
Favorite Mixed Drink(s):
fake white russion thingy my g/f makes: 2 ice cubes 1 oz stoleys 3-4 ounces chai soy protien drink
Personal Motto/Excuse:
Smash the State!
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