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Title: Misfit Love
Type: production note
Date: June 9th, 2018

Eric White:
What a great episode! It implicitly asks the eternal question: are we all just puppets playing ourselves? All I remembered from that night was being embarrassed by my vocal impression of Bobby Knight. But looking back at the show, I really put a lot of energy into that narration & evil boss character. I love that Christy is so nervous, happy & freaked out by the experience of getting married that she laughs through the whole courthouse ceremony. It’s super sweet.

The sketchy sound quality of the live puppet show necessitated the outdoor takes and cutting back & forth keeps the show a bit more visually appealing. Strange that nobody pushed puppet Christy’s hair out of her face even after the intermission. I thought the rhyming script was witty & hilarious and kudos to J & Kelley for smooth & awesome performances. The fact that Jeff Lee lent his skills to constructing a puppet stage and Angela, Christy, Amanda & and Mr. G created those magnificent puppets really shows you the esteem that XY & B were held to in the community. What a talented group of misfits.

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