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Pix for A Festival of Fools

More about A Festival of Fools

ROX: A Festival of Fools: Pix
Turn Off Your T.V. Now
1. This warning graphic appeared at the beginning of our first dozen or so shows.

A Festival of Fools
2. Title frame for ROX #11, "A Festival of Fools."

Focal Yokels
3. J remains blurry while B hogs the camera.

Parade Start
4. B starts the Festival of Fools parade with a wave of his hand.

Fools on Washington
5. The Festival of Fools parade proceeds down Washington Street.

Fools on Kirkwood
6. The Festival of Fools parade proceeds down Kirkwood Avenue in Bloomington, Indiana. No permits were obtained; we simply took over the street!

Big Lots Windshield
7. Even through our car's dirty windshield, the mere glimpse of a Big Lots storefront is enough to strike terror in the hearts of brave men.

XY at the Lots
8. XY stands before her favorite store.

Too Much Candy
9. XY buys too much candy in preparation for the Festival of Fools.

Fools Forward
10. Anal marches in the foreground while Heather balances a pot on her head.

Fools on the Corner
11. The Festival of Fools parade rounds the corner onto Kirkwood Avenue.

Licia Runs
12. Licia runs to catch up with the parade.

Disturbed Monkey Love Part 3
13. Title frame for Disturbed Monkey Love Part 3.

Hornrim Halo
14. Feeling kinda pukey...

Peaches and Cream
15. A disturbed monkey-woman applies whipped cream to her peach.

Damnatory Discussion
16. J&B mull over their new vocabulary word.

Big Lot
17. J presents another classic ROX drink, the Big Lot.

Flyer for Festival of Fools Parade
18. The Have Fun Club created this flyer to promote the first annual Festival of Fools parade.

Rachel Tongue
19. Rachel displays her contempt for the camera.

Golden Hue
20. Behold the golden brown pallor of the Fool's Gold. It looks delicious, but appearences can be deceiving.

XY Hulas
21. XY tries out a hula hoop at Big Lots.

Fools in the Meadow
22. The Festival of Fools parade arrives in Dunn Meadow.

Isa WTF?
23. "What the fuck is going on here?"

24. Even after all these years, the Have Fun Club can be contacted via their post office box.

B Down
25. Overwhelmed by the spectacle and pageantry of the Festival of Fools parade, B keels over right in the middle of Dunn Meadow.

Big Aisle
26. A canted view of the aisle in Big Lots.

Amused Passenger
27. Were motorists annoyed by a big gang of freaks taking over Kirkwood Avenue? Not at all. They loved it!

28. For a few years, Editor B kept a D-Jar, full of words that begin with the letter D.

Inside the D-Jar
29. Lots of little pieces of paper, each with a word and a definition.

Do Not Try This At Home: B
30. Editor B does a Big Lot.

Do Not Try This At Home: J
31. Bartender J does a Big Lot. That's straight 80 proof whiskey!

32. Editor B found this chunk of fool's gold on the railroad tracks.

Drugz on Washington
33. Crusading for a cause close to everybody's heart.

J&B Again
34. J&B play host to yet another episode of ROX.

Kelly Smokes
35. Kelly McBride takes a smoke break before the Festival of Fools parade.

Your Mom
36. Everybody's favorite picket sign.

Fools on Washington 2
37. The parade continues.

Post-Parade Analysis
38. J&B reflect on the unexpected success of the Festival of Fools.

Change Fun Around
39. Don't ask us what it means.

Interesting Lots
40. J finds his first visit to Big Lots "interesting."

B With Cam
41. B videotapes the parade preparations.

Anonymous Photographer
42. A photographer showed up to take pictures of the Festival of Fools parade. Wonder how they turned out?

Nothing Else
43. The final ingredient for the Fool's Gold? Nothing.

A Celebration of Freaks...
44. Detail from the Have Fun Club's fler for the Festival of Fools.

45. J marches for change.

46. A bemused spectator tosses candy back at the Festival of Fools parade. Note the Have Fun Club flyers!

Salmon Tongue
47. XY's tongue is the same color as this canned salmon!

Sucker Punk
48. Fueled by sugar in the form of safety pops, the Festival of Fools parade careened down Washington Street.

49. Streetside? Hell, no! We're marching ON the street.

Hooping It Up
50. Hooping it up before the parade.

Safety Pop
51. "We had a little parade. We're about fun, we're about change, we're about anti-stagnation. We're also about safety pops."

Never Work / Drugz
52. Parade particpants take a rest on the hood of a car.

J&B on the ROX Over Photo
53. The ROX title superimposed over a photograph by Rachel Whang.

Bubble Pop
54. XY pops her bubble.

Crystal Baller
55. This guy is balancing a crystal ball on the back of his hand.

Sunglasses Mouth
56. Chomp!

Question of the Heart
57. Who do ya love?

Sham 69 Hula
58. Another punk hoops it up.

As Seen on TV
59. The mark of quality. Low quality, that is.

RORR Flyer
60. She brandishes a RORR flyer.

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