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ROX #11: A Festival of Fools

A celebration of freaks, failures, queers, anarcha-feminists, nerds, skate punks, ascetics, neo-hippies, drug-crazed frisbee-throwing nudists, and other alien beings.







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Carl Orff
The Hafler Trio
Art Ensemble of Chicago


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Title: "A Festival of Fools"

Series: ROX
Season: one
Episode Number: 11
Production Date: October 4th, 1992
Running Time: 23:38

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Production Notes:

December 31st, 2003
Lucky Day

B: October 4th, 1992, was a lucky day for us.

The Have Fun Club, of which we were proud members, had organized a “Festival of Fools” for this day. But in truth that organization consisted of little more than the printing of a flyer and a trip to Big Lots for supplies. We had no idea if anyone would show up for the event. Probably not.

Luck was on our side, however. By a fortuitous coincidence, the three-day Anarchist Picnic was reaching its climax on that same day. A contingent of freaks arrived from that event and turned our parade into a raging success.

It was also lucky in another way. Local videographer Eric White got wind of the event and turned up with camera in hand. I cut his footage together with the stuff I shot, the first of numerous collaborations and the beginning of a friendship that persists to this day.

Eric also met Rachel Whang at the parade, the beginning of a relationship that was documented sixty-seven episodes later in ROX #78.

August 19th, 2005
Festival Of Fools

Kelly McBride: What a great day this was. The anarchists had been camping out in my back yard up on the hill (talk about a culture clash) and we headed downtown for the parade. We didnt know what to expect. We ran into Killian (the long-haired one holding a skateboard) and Isa once we got downtown. I remember the folks in cars looking at us very blankly confused. One even asked me what the protest was about? I told him we were marching against boredom!

The sad thing is this was the only one....

Media for A Festival of Fools:
Pix for A Festival of Fools:
Parade Start
B starts the Festival of Fools parade with a wave of his hand.

Never Work / Drugz
Parade particpants take a rest on the hood of a car.

Crystal Baller
This guy is balancing a crystal ball on the back of his hand.

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