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Pix for B's Summer Vacation

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ROX: B's Summer Vacation: Pix
B's Summer Vacation
1. Title frame for "B's Summer Vacation."

Myrtle Beach
2. The beach. Aaah.

The Route to Myrtle Beach
3. B traces the vacation route from Bloomington to Myrtle Beach.

4. Myrtle Beach is our future... A world when capitalism runs amok... Wait, maybe the future is now.

Philly Videophile
5. On the strip in Myrtle Beach, B bonds with a phellow videophile phrom Philly.

Myrtle Beach Lager
6. B brought back a six pack from Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach Lager Impressions
7. J&B give their distinctly learned impressions of the Myrtle Beach Lager.

Riptide II
8. B and XY stayed at the Riptide II in Myrtle Beach.

Mint Julep
9. J prepares to mix a mint julep.

20 Mint Leaves
10. A good mint julep requires fresh mint. Special thanx to our friend Diane who supplied us with mint from her very own garden.

Silver or Pewter Cup
11. Few people realize that an authentic mint julep must be served in a silver or pewter cup.

Worth It
12. J concludes that a properly concocted mint julep is worth the trouble.

80 Proof Sun Protection
13. J prepares to mix an 80 Proof Sun Protection in honor of B's sunburn.

14. Was B's sunburn really this bad, or did he cleverly boost the red signal whilst editing the program?

15. B picks up a bottle of rum, and the unbalanced table tips over, sending liquor bottles crashing to the concrete slab!

Disaster Averted
16. Fortunately, B didn't break the brand new bottle of Kentucky bourbon.

A Stiffie and a Biggie
17. "This is gonna be a stiffie and a biggie."

18. J prepares to mix a Carolina.

19. "I would pronounce that as the worst thing you've ever tasted."

Separate Egg
20. Separate the egg white from the yolk.

Distinctly Uncarolinian
21. J forgot the cream! How can you mix a decent Carolina without the key ingredient?

Crazy Place
22. XY on Myrtle Beach: "I don't know what I think of this crazy place." If only she knew that she'd be living in New Orleans six years later.

Spring Break Mentality
23. The class of '93 celebrates high school graduation in Myrtle Beach.

1993 High School Graduation
24. "Whooo! Myrtle Beach 1993 high school graduation!"

Rank 43
25. In terms of per capita income, South Carolina doesn't stack up too well compared to the other states.

Rank 43
26. South Carolina is ranked 43rd in the nation in its high school graduation rate.

Mike Wiltrout
27. Mike accompanied B, XY and Amanda on the trip to Myrtle Beach.

Ghost Poopie
28. J explains this week's vocabulary word with gusto.

Undisclosed Location
29. J&B insist that they are taping the show at "an undisclosed location -- somewhere in Bloomington, Indiana." But now it can be revealed: They were in the basement of 701 S Lincoln.

Popsicle Consultant
30. Popsicle Consultant Geraldine delivers some tasty frozen refreshments.

31. XY leaves her mark in the elevator of a nearby hotel.

Friend 1
32. When we found Friend on the beach, he was already dead.

Friend 2
33. So we froze him.

Friend 3
34. And then XY licked Friend.

Friend 4
35. Friend didn't survive the fall from our balcony.

Restroom Mirror
36. B inspects yet another restroom on the road.

37. We encountered this freak at a reststop somewhere in Kentucky at about 2 a.m., and he sang us a song about getting coffee from a vending machine.

Sunglass Glint
38. Why settle for a suntan? Xy won't be satisfied till her skin burns, cracks, peels, and exposes bone.

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