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Pix for Fat

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ROX: Fat: Pix
Fat Albert Title
1. J gets ready to mix a Fat Albert.

Niki Tastes
2. Niki tastes the Fat Albert.

Jorge Gets Fat
3. Jorge tastes the Fat Albert.

The Mohawking of PJ
4. Lisa clips; PJ sits; Stacy sips.

Freshly Shorn
5. PJ enjoys his new mohawk.

PJ Shows His Wits
6. PJ makes a damn spectacle of himself at the Bacchus parade.

Paper Doll
7. "One day there won't be people at all. All there will be is Paper Dolls..."

Meat Bikini
8. Heather Weathers makes a radical fashion statement in flank steak.

The Image of Success
9. Maybe you'd get ahead if you upgraded your wardrobe.

J Tastes B&C
10. J doesn't seem to be enjoying his mix of Vitamin C and bourbon.

Mohawk Toast
11. J raises a toast to B's mohawk.

Mardi B
12. B dressed up as Death for Mardi Gras.

13. Does that turn you on?

Jason Chews the Fat
14. There's eight grams of fat in a Popeye's biscuit.

15. Title frame for Taiwan ROX.

Nei Nei Thumb
16. Nei Nei gives us the one-thumb salute.

Joey Z Trouble
17. "That stuff is pure trouble!"

Lynn Tastes the Chicken
18. "Mmm, dee-licious!"

Pretty Pretty Indian
19. On Super Sunday in New Orleans, the Indians emerge in their mind-numbing psychedelic finery.

Final Notice
20. A postal employee chastises Editor B.

B Fat Stats
21. Editor B lays down some statistics about obesity and mortality in America.

Headless Statue
22. A statue watches over the Cypress Grove Cemetery.

Zane Explains
23. Zane explains his work at the cemetery.

St. Roch Statue
24. Saint Roch is the patron saint of dogs and invalids. He's also the patron of bachelors, surgeons and tile-makers. Not to mention diseased cattle.

XY Thanks
25. XY kneels down and prays in the St. Roch Shrine.

Paul Gives Advice
26. Paul Smedberg offers some expert advice.

Silver Couple
27. Are they space aliens or adherents of a futuristic religious cult? Or both?

Bunny Trio
28. Watch out for the bad-ass rabbits that roam the French Quarter looking for trouble.

Silver Schlong
29. Long Dong Silver Rides again.

Biological Attack Safe!!!
30. You'll be safe from bioterrorism in this handy portable enclosure of duct tape and plastic sheeting.

Bush Duct
31. The First Lady and President are safe from biological attack in these stylish suits. They're made of duct tape and plastic sheeting, naturally.

32. Eric is acting like a total shirthead.

Andrea Bracato
33. Andrea demonstrates her passionate opposition to the Atkins diet by indulging in some delicious Italian deserts.

Healed Body Parts
34. If St. Roch heals you, it's traditional to make a plaster cast of the body part so healed and give it to the shrine for display. Making plaster casts of internal organs (like the heart seen here) is a bit challenging, but such is the miracle of faith.

Ski Lift
35. In ROX #90, we featured a snippet of video shot from this ski lift somewhere in Montana, for no justifiable reason other than that it looks cool.

Pirate David
36. David is feeling moved by the spirit. Or perhaps he just drank some spirits.

Fat DVD Title
37. Label for the Fat DVD.

Rosie Anti-Atkins
38. Rosie wanted to speak out against the Atkins Diet, but she couldn't because she's a pig, and pigs can't speak.

Paul Fist
39. Paul salutes B's vegan tomato bisque.

Helen Anti Atkins
40. Helen Hill is against the Atkins Diet, and she wasn't afraid to tell us why.

Keepin' It Wheel
41. Editor B demonstrates how to patch a flat tire.

Wench Morgan
42. Pirate wench Morgan celebrates Mardi Gras in the French Quarter.

Fat Title
43. Title frame for ROX #90.

J Breath
44. J's alcohol-laden breath melts the camera lens.

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