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Carpe Laximentum — Seize the Slack

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ROX News: Index

February 5th: Secrets Of Public Access TV Iceberg Explained by B
February 22nd: Three Links by B
March 13th: ROX Internet 25 by B
October 7th: Daily T by B
April 8th: Jenny B's Passing by B
March 21st: For Sale by B
January 7th: Get Hundred With Us by B
November 7th: Leigh's Passing by B
March 5th: ROX Season Two Release & Tarnished Silver Anniversary Party by B
July 21st: ROX On WFHB by B
March 27th: In Memoriam by B
March 4th: Desperately Seeking Dubs by B
August 26th: Unleash The Stupidity by B
October 28th: For Sale by B
May 8th: Spitting Rhymes For 99 by B
July 7th: Happy (Inter) National ROX Day by B
June 3rd: Tell Mayor Mark Kruzan To Proclaim July 7 As National ROX Day by B
May 2nd: ROX Season One DVD Release Party & 20th Anniversary Celebration by B
September 14th: Dressed In Meat by B
March 22nd: A ROX Sonnet by B
February 12th: ROX On Facebook by B
October 26th: Daisybrain by B
October 12th: R.I.P. Pauline by B
September 30th: R.I.P. George Wilhelm by B
September 28th: Season One Cometh by B
January 7th: Join Us For A Nightcap by B
September 13th: Dale's Passing by B
July 25th: B Is For Boboli by B
July 10th: Live From Taiwan by B
March 16th: C4PJ by B
May 2nd: J + Day = Julian by B
May 2nd: ROX On Wayne's World? by B
January 5th: We Mourn For Helen by B
October 25th: More ROX On Free Speech TV by B
October 25th: J&B On Nintendo by B
September 28th: ROX On Free Speech TV - Schedule by B
September 25th: Still Seeking Dubs by B
August 25th: Boozocracy by B
August 3rd: ROX Schedule On Free Speech TV by B
July 19th: Outrageous by B
June 19th: Looking For Dubs by B
May 16th: ROX On Free Speech TV by B
May 6th: Bloomington Premiere by B
April 13th: Brief Hiatus by B
January 31st: Wind & Tide by B
October 18th: Watch ROX On FreeSpeech TV by B
August 31st: Katrina Makes Waves by B
June 14th: We're Famous! by B
June 10th: FSTV ROX by B
May 28th: It's A Girl by B
April 15th: Ten Years Gone by B
March 24th: ROX Rocks Notacon by B
March 22nd: Last Call For Property by B
January 28th: Letter To Free Speech TV by B
December 8th: The Great Bed Fiasco Of 2004 by J
November 3rd: Back To The Cold And Dreary by J
November 2nd: Whatever Happened To J? by B
October 13th: Mail Comes, I Go by J
July 24th: Greatest ROX Minute by B
May 15th: Fat CATS by B
April 13th: Now You Too Can Get Fat by B
February 29th: Starting To Get Fat by B
January 6th: ROX Rocks Bloomington by B
January 4th: Happy New Year by B
December 15th: Lingering Fat, Property In The Offing by B
September 25th: Tin Years After by B
August 8th: We're In Hardcover! by B
July 6th: Perfect Time For A Crisis by B
June 7th: We're Back! by B
Pix for News:
Tall Steve
Tall Steve makes his first appearance on ROX.

Blood on the Dial
Title frame for "Blood on the Dial."

The Sage Has No Mind Of His Own
One who knows does not speak. One who speaks does not know.

Fly Boy
A college student demonstrates the Hoosier response to a video camera. (Note that this arresting image appeared in the "next week" teaser at the end of ROX #63, but it is not to be found in ROX #64 itself.)

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