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Pix for Indiana Urinalysis

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ROX: Indiana Urinalysis: Pix
1. Scooter describes the ricochet phenomenon with great alacrity.

5 Urinals
2. Clean, gleaming models of efficiency.

Flowerpot Urinal
3. When restrooms change genders, hardware gets repurposed.

Trough Urinal
4. The trough urinal: one step away from barbarism.

Maddock Madstone
5. The mark of quality.

6. Hose 'em down.

Hi Lo
7. One hung low.

4 Urinals
8. I guess this is where all the dicks hang out.

3 Urinals
9. A trinity of urinals.

2 Urinals
10. A marvel of symmetry.

Freestanding Urinals
11. You can still find a few freestanding urinals, usually in older buildings.

BJ Indiana
12. "There's a hell of a lot of urinals in here!"

Indiana Urinalysis
13. Title frame for Indiana Urinalysis.

Brian Jones
14. "But there are some urinals designed specifically for the use of women."

Women's Urinal
15. We discovered the elusive women's urinal in the Music Building at Indiana University.

Leonine J
16. Years before ROX, J was interviewed by B for Indiana Urinalysis.

B & Brian Jones
17. Brian Jones and Bart Everson (a.k.a. Editor B) provide a narrative context for Indiana Urinalysis at Indiana University's Folklore Institute.

Hanna Laughs
18. Hanna Griff served as academic advisor for the production of Indiana Urinalysis.

Ed Reads
19. Ed the Meat Poet reads from his classic poem, "Urinate and Defecate."

Bonnie Recounts
20. Dr. Martha "Bonnie" Kendall recalls her encounter with a women's urinal.

Seth Recounts
21. Seth relates a urinal tale.

Anonymous Woman
22. This woman spoke to us, under the condition of anonymity, about her attempt to use a man's urinal.

Jim Explains
23. Jim Beeson discusses the finer points of urinal etiquette.

Monty Cake
24. Monty discourses on the nature of urinal cakes.

Urinal Blocks
25. We found this box of blocks in a janitorial closet on the campus of Indiana University.

Phil Explains
26. Drawing on years of experience as the foreman of plumbing at Indiana University, Phil Taylor enumerates the various types of urinals found on campus.

Straight Ahead
27. "Look straight ahead -- don't look over at the other guy's urinal."

28. A flautist confesses: "I have heard them being used. Occasionally. Not very often."

Aeric Explains
29. "I always appreciate it when the person in front of me has flushed, because I like to have a fresh bowl of water. There's a certain satisfaction in soiling it myself."

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