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Scratch Rant
1. Sc-sc-scratching!

Good Haircut
2. B shaves his head to kick off the third season of ROX.

In the beginning...
3. J&B make their first television appearance together.

4. B reads a letter from a viewer.

5. B feels the excitement. He has no idea what's going on.

6. B runs across the campus of Indiana University, wearing nothing but a mohawk and a pair of Converse All*Stars.

7. B chomps down on a fresh, juicy bud of raw garlic.

8. "I love that negative space."

9. B conducts an interview with Varro Tyler, PhD.

10. Editor B introduces himself to the world for "Global Village Idiots."

11. B gets arrested for streaking. The arresting officer's radio was broken, so he was forced to stand on the edge of 10th Street and wait to flag down a random police cruiser. Ironically, this had the effect of exposing more innocent citizens to the shocking sight of B's naked body.

12. B holds forth on the mountaintop.

Restroom Mirror
13. B inspects yet another restroom on the road.

14. Editor B rewinds the tape.

Cam on TV
15. B shoots himself on the monitor in Studio Six.

B on the Floor
16. Exhausted by a rigorous production schedule, B finds himself lying on the floor of Mr. G's apartment, clutching a bottle of Creme de Cacao.

Bart & Seth
17. Seth and Bart (right, later known as Editor B) sing a special version of an old campfire classic.

18. Why is this man putting this chair on this table?

Bomb WalMart
19. B got his picture in the New Orleans daily paper while shooting for ROX #88.

Now is the Hour
20. B snarls a poem: "And the sparkle and shine of the spirits trapped under the glass is the glistening luster of spit!"

Your Editor, B
21. "I will control all that you see and hear."

B Under Bed
22. "...sleep under your bed..."

Garbage Car
23. "So there you have it. The burned out wreck of a car full of garbage."

Dead Men Sip No Drinks
24. B samples the Dead Man's Float.

B Slips a Tip to His Cool Cousins
25. Editor B shares some home improvement tips.

Puppet B
26. The skinny puppet of Editor B was made by the talented Christy Davis.

Big Day
27. The groom's mind is devoid of content on his wedding day.

Seasoned B
28. Editor B appeared in the short film, "Seasons in the Sun," by Scott Fredette.

Editor B
29. Editor B -- He Who Cutteth.

30. B chokes down some cheap scotch whiskey on the rox. "Smooth!"

Yellow Leaf
31. B waxes philosophical on the meaning of leaves turning color.

B and His Bill
32. B examines the bill from his recent hospital visit.

Wine Is For Sissies
33. "Wine? Wine is for sissies!"

B Gown
34. Editor B recounts his enlightening experiences with cough syrup.

B Snarls
35. B declares his devotion to his favorite cherry-flavored drink.

Before You Imbibe
36. "Before you imbibe, please look at the label."

B Raps
37. "Forget Vicks and NyQuil -- I tried all of them."

Cataract Flats
38. B negotiates a treacherous stretch of limestone just above Cataract Falls. He almost split his head open!

39. Editor B edits the final episode of the third season of ROX at Daisybrain Media Center.

B Waves
40. A preadolescent B waves to the camera.

I'm 36!
41. Editor B has an unpleasant realization: "The average life expectancy for the American male is 72. Half of 72 is 36. I'm 36. My God, my life is half over!"

J&B's Midlife Crisis
42. Title frame for "J&B's Midlife Crisis."

43. B explains why New Orleans' daily paper is called the Times-Picayune.

Rearrange It
44. "As the editor of this TV show, it's my job to chop the video up and rearrange it..."

B Chin
45. Editor B takes it on the chin.

Converse Corner
46. B welcomes the viewers to Converse Corner.

47. B needs a drink.

Monotono-theism B
48. B introduces another vocabulary word.

B Reads
49. B reads "To the Graduating Class."

Pigeon B
50. Editor B on Pigeon Hill.

Purple B
51. B discusses the constructed reality of television.

Profile of the Artist as a Young Man
52. Editor B back in his grubby undergraduate days.

Editor B Raps
53. Editor B disses his Video Art classmates.

Remain in Light
54. B remains in the light.

B Slips
55. B slips on an icy sidewalk.

J&B at the M.E.A.D.
56. Hanging with Mark, Eric, Andy and Daryl at the MEAD Femtobrewery -- J videotapes while B samples the wares.

Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
57. Clockwise from upper left: Jenny B holds an umbrella over J's head while TBlack pretends to smoke through the arm of a recliner and Editor B videotapes it all. (Photo by Kevin Stuart for the IDS.)

B's Embarrassing Earrings
58. To his eternal chagrin, B donned these blinking "50" earrings to celebrate ROX #50.

Damnatory Discussion
59. J&B mull over their new vocabulary word.

Focal Yokels
60. J remains blurry while B hogs the camera.

B Down
61. Overwhelmed by the spectacle and pageantry of the Festival of Fools parade, B keels over right in the middle of Dunn Meadow.

Do Not Try This At Home: B
62. Editor B does a Big Lot.

B With Cam
63. B videotapes the parade preparations.

Stone Fence Squared
64. J mixes a Stone Fence atop a stone fence. Clever, eh?

Yes!  Yes!
65. B gives voice to a hearty affirmation.

B Sums Up
66. "And we never did find any weapons of mass destruction, did we?"

67. Young Giuseppe and his girlfriend order a hot chocolate. Behind them, a nasty old coffee addict shuffles past.

B Fat Stats
68. Editor B lays down some statistics about obesity and mortality in America.

Mardi B
69. B dressed up as Death for Mardi Gras.

Keepin' It Wheel
70. Editor B demonstrates how to patch a flat tire.

B For Booze
71. A jobless Editor B takes to the streets in desperation.

A Fistful of Tape
72. Editor B displays a wad of 3/4" videotape spit up by a malfunctioning deck.

My Mother, the Title
73. Title frame for "My Mother, the Doctor"

Dr. Pat's Punch Title
74. J blows smoke while B enjoys a glass of Dr. Pat's Punch.

Where To Have Anonymous Bathroom Sex
75. B points out a popular location for intimate encounters.

Don't Drink These Drinks
76. "Don't drink the drinks you see on this show or you might be sorry!"

Open Air
77. "I mean, how'd you like to take a crap in one of these open air side shows?"

Biking Jordan
78. His finest moment: Editor B rides his bike in Jordan Hall.

Brownie Blues Title
79. B introduces another fine concoction by the resident ROX mixologist.

Meat B
80. With drink in hand, Editor B leaps atop the steps of Myers Hall. (Note the "Meat Poetry" tee shirt featuring an image of Ed the Meat Poet.)

81. B puts the camera in the refrigerator.

Seizure Re-Enactment
82. Editor B re-enacts an epileptic seizure. (Sorry, the cameras weren't rolling when the real thing happened.)

B Reads Nell
83. B reads a letter to the editor from Nell Smith.

84. Mary gazes adoringly at Editor B, despite the fact that he just spilled a drink down the front of his shirt.

Legal Kiss
85. "You may kiss the bride."

B 40
86. B brandishes a bottle of Pure White 40, graciously donated by friend Angela. By blatantly disregarding the instructions, the ROX crew managed to turn this powerful hair bleach into a completely ineffective waste of everyone's time.

B Whines
87. "This drink sucks!"

88. 25% of Americans list television as their most eagerly anticipated daily activity.

Honk For Choice
89. Editor B takes a stand for abortion rights.

90. B digs into the etymological roots of the crisis.

Back in the Title Again
91. Editor B is Back in the Camera Again.

Three Man March
92. A small but passionate march for gay rights.

Massung Quote
93. B reads a quote in the newspaper from an irate television viewer.

Property Title II
94. Title frame for ROX #92.

Property Title
95. Title frame for ROX #91.

No Trespassing
96. B risks arrest for the sake of art.

Pointing on Palmer
97. Editor B points to the rental property, located on Palmer Avenue in Uptown New Orleans, where he and Xy lived for two years, until they got sick of investing in other people's property.

What Were They Thinking?
98. "Some people might think this idea that 'property is theft' sounds a little kooky, radical, outside the mainstream. But that's really because this modern system of property ownership is all most of us have ever known. It hasn't always been this way, and it needn't always be this way. Ideas about property change. Take this guy, for example -- Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy. He fought for a system where people could be property... Today that seems totally outrageous, but in his time, a lot of people thought it was just fine and dandy. So who's to say what's next? Our children's children might look back at us and our ideas about property and wonder: What were they thinking?"

Money from Chamooga
99. B displays cash money sent in by a loyal but mysterious viewer who calls himself Chamooga.

B Sees Thru
100. Editor B sees through the clear, colorless swill proffered by modern society.

B Cites John
101. Editor B cites chapter and verse.

April 21st, 1993 -- 6:00 PM
102. B just popped the question. The amazing thing: Xy said yes. Hooray.

Christ with a Title
103. J gets ready to mix a drink for Xy as she receives a backrub from B.

Too Tired
104. After staying up all night, B is simply too tired to go to his telemarketing job.

105. B appears only slightly disoriented at 3:00 in the morning.

Corona B
106. Editor B enjoys a beer after a hard day of excavating flooded crap from his house.

107. Editor B is trapped in a nowhere space, a lightless void of utter blackness. Actually it's CATS Studio A in Bloomington, Indiana, but the background of stark nothingness symbolizes his displacement from the city of New Orleans.

108. Editor B examines the floodline on his house in Mid-City New Orleans.

Fisheye Mirror
109. B shoots himself with the fisheye.

Contemplative B
110. Editor B contemplates purchasing a home.

111. B discovers a cockroach crawling on his arm.

No Ped
112. "They've outlawed pedestrians! It's an outrage!"

My Parents Would Be Proud
113. B thinks his parents would be proud of how he's chosen to spend his time.

114. Editor B describes what it's like to have a hangover, or to live in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Profile: Editor B

J&B on the Porch
116. J prepares to assault the camera with a bottle of vodka, while B looks on in dismay.

Your Weary Editor
117. Editor B logs long hours on decks.

Syrup & Cola
118. J&B offer a libation to whatever gods there be.

119. Open your mind and who knows what might happen.

The More Life Coalition
120. The More Life Coalition protests Planned Parenthood. Photograph by Rachel Whang.

J&B at the Courthouse
121. J&B introduce themselves to the world at large in front of the Monroe County Courthouse as they kick off their most notorious episode.

ROX 99 Title
122. Title frame for ROX #99.

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