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The infamous “White Man's Bible” appears in a few ROX episodes. Some people may have thought we were white supremacists. No way! We are rather passionately antiracist. We were only seeking to provoke controversy. Strangely enough, no one ever called us on it.

The “White Man's Bible,” by Ben Klassen, is a strange and frightening book, mixing macrobiotic dietary guidelines with vociferous racism. It's the holy text of the Church of the Creator, which seems to be a kind of new age hate cult.

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July 22nd, 2004
We're Number One?

B: ROX is now the number one Google search result for "white man's bible." I find this most unsettling.

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Shandy Ginger
J pours ginger ale into his Shandy Gaff. Note the "White Man's Bible" propped up in the foreground -- a failed attempt to generate controversy.

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