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These strange couriers of fate helped usher in the fourth season of ROX.

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December 14th, 2003
Weird Messages

B: “Jiggle Jiggle” gave a good surfy feel to our scenes in Waveland, and great punctuation for XY's punchline. We also used “Furniture on Fire” and “Yea Well Me Too.”

May 26th, 2005
Weird Messengers


Taken from their bio on MusicalFamilyTree.comThis band played a few shows in Chicago during 2000- 2001. It features PJ Christie and his good friend Joe Ryan with a very cool hard rockin rhythm section of Stevo Vanaria and Joey Werner. The band had begun to gel as a three piece until PJ kind of co-opted them into a recording session on the country over a lost weekend of bonfires, beer, and raising of some old ghosts out of Joe's boyhood home. It was cool, I wish you were there.

"Yea Well Me Too" and "Jiggle Jiggle", used in episode 87, are both Joe Ryan compositions. He was a product designer who had a line of coffee tables, barstools, and star lights. This song must have happened around the demise of Joe's Furniture.

The recording session took place on Mike Padilla's digital 8 track, which was the first time we... [More...]

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