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ROX #18: Beer and Its Abuses

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Title: "Beer and Its Abuses"

Series: ROX
Season: one
Episode Number: 18
Production Date: unknown
Running Time: 28:20

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Production Notes:

August 6th, 2014
Beer, Beer, Brings Great Cheer

B: Back in the day, we didn't really like mixed drinks. It was just a routine, a concept for our little TV show. When the cameras were off, we preferred beer, if we drank at all.

But, being naive kids, we didn't really know jack about beer, or anything else for that matter. So we invited our friend Russ to school us and our viewers in an episode dedicated entirely to beer.

(Just a few weeks before, we'd been set to do a show about homebrewing with Russ, but J dropped the camera from his motorcycle on the way...)

You have to give Russ credit. He did his best. He suffered through our tomfoolery with considerable grace, and made a game effort to explain the finer points of our favorite beverage.

Besides the pathetically bad lighting up there in the attic, this show is marred by some sort of rolling horizontal glitch in the video.

The weird transitions in this program seem sort of random at first — video games and noise — but then they turn into scenes from the bowling alley. You might think this was a clever juxtaposition on my part. After all, what goes better with beer than bowling? However, I assure you that this was a complete coincidence. The transitional material was entirely random. It was simply what we had on hand, the stuff we'd videotaped that week.

You can't really tell, but I was so stoned at the end of this episode that I felt ill. Don't do drugs, kids; it's not worth it.

Media for Beer and Its Abuses:
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J&B in the Attic
In a dark and lonely attic, J&B host another television show.

XY Bowls
XY throws the ball down the lane at the pins.

Editor B Raps
Editor B disses his Video Art classmates.

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