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Dear J&B,

I had seen the More Life posters stating the coalition's regard for the wastage of womb space and condemnation for society's disregard for undeveloped spermatozoan, but frankly, slogans like “Menstruation harms the nation” and “Breed, don't bleed” did not motivate me to alter my lifestyle. I don't menstruate, I thought; it's not my concern.

Years ago, I tried masturbation and liked it. But there seemed to be no reason to do it again until [I attended] daily hands-on meetings with my More Life support group... We have formulated plans which, if public funding is made available, could lead to the preservation of spermatozoan... all spermatozoan, so that the goal can be attained that all spermatozoan will have the equal right to meet, greet, and be complete.

There are disagreements within the coalition. Surprisingly, not all of the female members are excited by the opportunity — made possible by the miracle of modern medicine — for multiple wombs, and multiple fertilization within each womb. On the other hand, not all men are as capable of producing the quantity of seedlings some of us in the movement can.

It's a matter of commitment; a matter of priority. Sure, style has a lot to do with it. Life-style. For me, daily activity and the proper caloric intake enable my body to produce more than its share of life-enabling spermatozoan.

Of course, I am still relatively young. More Life studies show the long-term need for active spermatozoan to be increasing as more and more females energetically embrace the More Life way of living.

I am proud to be More Life. Please, won't you join me? There's so much we need to do.

-- Dick Veine

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Richard Veine reads his statement on behalf of the More life Coalition.

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