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It may be hard to believe, but people really do write us letters.

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September 21st, 2004
Mail Pattern

B: Sometimes it's genuine fan mail. Sometimes it's detailed critiques of our program. Sometimes it's drunken incoherent rambling.

We've tried to feature most of our mail on the show, but the sheer volume has made that impossible at times, and at other times we just had too much to say ourselves.

We probably got the most mail back in early 1993, after ROX #24 ran afoul of the censors. Our mailbox was literally stuffed every time we checked it.

After that we continued to get mail every week until our production hiatus began in 1995. Even then we continued to get the occasional letter from people who saw reruns.

For the record, all viewer mail featured on ROX is authentic. We've never faked a letter, and we never will.

If you want to write to us, we still maintain our old post office box in Bloomington, so send it to ROX, P.O. Box 3241, Bloomington IN 47402.

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Letter Writer Ethan
Ethan wrote us a letter articulating the acutely angst-ridden perspective of a public high school student in Southern Indiana.

Six Commas
A plaintive query from our first real fan letter.

Flatulent Assholes
An anonymous westside crank sent us some fan mail.

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