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The More Life Coalition is an extreme right-wing organization. ROX does not in any way endorse their views, but we recognize that they are members of the community and that they represent a perspective which is often marginalized by the mainstream media.

Therefore we have on a few occasions featured members of the More Life Coalition on our program. Eric Black, a leader in the More Life movement, has appeared on ROX a number of times.

The More Life philosophy is like the Pro-Life philosophy, only more so. More Lifers believe that all forms of birth control are immoral. They favor compulsory procreation and mandatory cloning.

The MLC appearances on ROX have always intrigued our viewers, and a few have even converted.

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Eric Black of the More Life Coalition

The infamous Eric Black appeared on ROX three times.

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J Jar
J produces a semen sample for the More Life Coalition.

Eric Black Sings
Eric Black sings a More Life Coalition anthem, "Masturbate Ten Times a Day."

Dick Reads
Richard Veine reads his statement on behalf of the More life Coalition.

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