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Word: "slacker"

Short Definition:

a person who possesses or experiences slack

Long Definition:

Contrary to popular opinion, a slacker is not “one who slacks.” Rather, a slacker is “one who has slack.”

See, slack isn't something you do. It's more a state of being. It's something you have (or don't), something you are (or aren't).

My hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, is lousy with slackers. Keep watch on Kirkwood Avenue and you'll see them, slacking stylishly down the street, slacking listlessly in the alley ways, slacking with abandon in People's Park. The air is redolent with indolence — the stinky goodness of slackdom. Bloomington is but one of many slack cities, such as Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Madison, Wisconsin; Athens, Georgia; and, of course, Austin, Texas, to name but a few. They don't have to be college towns — but it helps. Slackers cluster in the shadow of the ivory tower. They come to study. They stay because, well, they just felt like hanging out for a while.

Slack is universal, not exclusive. The slack life is open to all who wish to live it; however, it is not for everyone. As C. S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity, “God does not love slackers.”

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