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High Definition Dictionary: Index

Carpe Laximentum — Seize the Slack

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High Definition Dictionary: Index


  • anarchism
    a doctrine advocating the abolition of government
  • anarchy
    a state of society without government or law
  • assiduous
    constant; perservering; diligent
  • aura
    a warning that precedes neurological dysfunction


  • bakka-prole
    special backpack used by sherpas in the Himalayas
  • beery
    of or like beer
  • Bohemia
    a geographical or cultural region


  • capering
  • chrematophobia
    fear of money
  • concatenation
    a series of events linked in some causal way
  • contraflow
    a temporary arrangement in which traffic travels in the same directions on both sides of the road
  • coprophagia
    eating shit
  • Crisis
    a turning point


  • d.t.
    double time
  • damnatory
    threatening with damnation
  • demimonde
  • dildo
    an artificial penis
  • drug
    oh, you know. or do you?
  • duck
    female bird; fabric


  • egregious
    pretty damn bad


  • faith
    a new definition
  • falling sickness
    old term for epilepsy
  • feminazi
    stereotypical man-hating fascist feminist
  • fleer
    nasty laughter; to laugh nastily (at)
  • foley
    sound effects
  • folklore
    the culture of the people
  • frizzed
    to be formed into small curls
  • frowze
    a wig of frizzed hair
  • frusturbate
    to masturbate to relieve general anxiety rather than sexual tension


  • gambado
    a curvetting leap
  • gambol
    to leap about playfully
  • game
  • gamy
    smelling like slightly spoiled wild meat
  • geek
    a crazy person; a gross person; a smart person
  • ghost poopie
    The kind where you feel the poopie come out, but there's no poopie in the toilet.
  • gig
    a spear for fish or frogs; a job, performance or routine; a gigabyte
  • gleet
    a very unpleasant thing indeed
  • googlethink
    a mode of thinking influenced by frequent and obsessive Google searches


  • ha-ha
    a sunken fence
  • hoary
    gray or white; covered with gray or white hairs; old


  • lame duck
    still in office but not for long
  • love
    a many splendored thing
  • lumpen
    designating persons or groups regarded as belonging to a low or contemptible segment of their class or kind because of their unproductiveness, shiftlessness, degeneration, or alienation


  • merkin
    a pubic wig
  • micah
    a complex silicate
  • monotono-theism
    monotony + god
  • motif
    a repeated pattern in a design
  • motile
    capable of spontaneous motion


  • paraphernalia
    equipment for a particular activity
  • picayune
    of little value or importance
    person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters
  • potable
    fit to be drunk
  • poultice
    hot soft moist mass
  • premillenial
    before the millenium
  • profit
    advantage, benefit, gain
  • proglottid
    tapeworm segment
  • progress
  • prurient
    itching; lascivious; lustful


  • quim
    the labia; the mons veneris; the pussy-lips


  • raspberry
    a small, juicy fruit; a sound of derision


  • salacious
    inspiring lust or sexual desire
  • salient
    jumping right out at you
  • scabrous
    rough; difficult; scandalous
  • semisesquicentennial
    half of 150
  • sessile
    from the island of sessus
  • skank
    a dance; a freeloader...
  • slack
    a spiritual state akin to grace
  • slacker
    a person who possesses or experiences slack
  • slackology
    the study of slackers and slackdom
  • spermatorrhea
    kind of like premature ejaculation but without the orgasm
  • sputum
  • stiffie
    an alcoholic beverage composed mostly of liquor


  • temulency
    intoxication, inebriation, drunkenness
  • titular
    having to do with a title
  • tope
    to drink copiously
  • transmigration
    the passage of the soul into another body


  • vacuous
    a vacuum of intelligence


  • yang
    the masculine principle
  • yonic
    the opposite of phallic
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