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Use the button below to purchase your own copy of this special two volume boxed set which contains eight DVDs and includes 25 episodes of ROX — plus a few surprising extras.

Rude Crass Amateurish & Banal

The first season of ROX began in earnest when J&B moved in together to the upstairs apartment of 521 North Washington Street. It was utterly rundown, desperately in need of repairs, and seemed to tilt to one side, although that may only have been a drug-induced illusion.

This set of eight DVDs packs enough dreck to gag a maggot, shot mostly in this apartment and the attic above. Watch as we mix cocktails, swill beer, take to the streets, fall in love, confront tragedy, struggle with unemployment, experiment with low-fidelity video techniques, steel ourselves against the bitterly cold Indiana winter, and fight the censors.

It's all here in gloriously grainy substandard video.

The price? A mere $45 plus $5 for shipping. For a set of eight DVDs, that's dirt cheap. Of course, considering the contents, we should be paying you to watch them. The truth is, we don't want to make any money, folks. We just loves to sell DVDs.

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Season One, Disc 10

This is what a ROX Season One DVD looks like: Good enough to drink.

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