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Use the button below to purchase your own copy of this special boxed set which contains four DVDs and includes the first seven episodes of ROX — plus a few surprising extras.

Rampant drunken stupidity!

June 1st, 1992. Bloomington, Indiana. Two losers sit in a basement and get drunk in front of a video camera.

Such were the inauspicious origins of the long-running underground television series, ROX, which Wired magazine would praise as "the best TV show in America," which Time magazine would hail as "the first TV show broadcast in cyberspace."

But such heady accolades came years later. This DVD set documents the humble origins of ROX. The incredibly low production values of the original — the wildly varying audio levels, the dark graininess of multigeneration VHS dubs — have been carefully preserved in digital form.

We call these first seven episodes "Season Zero," also known as the infamous "little season," in which J&B are released from the pit. (See Revelation 20:3 for more details.)

Make no mistake: These videos suck. They are offered not as a mark of excellence, but as historical documents of a shameful past.

The price? A mere $15 plus $4.05 for shipping. For a set of four DVDs, that's dirt cheap. Of course, considering the contents, we should be paying you to watch them. The truth is, we don't want to make any money, folks. We just loves to sell DVDs.

Note: These are DVD-Rs, which play on 85% of existing players. DVD authoring and fulfillment thru the good folks at LML Video Services.

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In the beginning...

J&B make their first television appearance together.

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Season Zero, Disc 4
This is what a ROX Season Zero DVD looks like: Good enough to drink. And the contents are guaranteed to be more enjoyable if you have a drink.

Season Zero Cover
This is what the cover of the ROX Season Zero box set looks like.

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