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Title: Well and Truly Moshed
Type: production note
Date: May 23rd, 2018

We'd accumulated quite a backlog of footage going back over a year, so I hit the edit booth with a stack of tapes and assembled ROX #39. We didn't shoot a single minute of new video for this episode. It was constructed entirely in post-production, a trick I wouldn't repeat until ROX #89.

I'm still quite happy with the results. The nonlinear, free-association style holds up better than a lot of our more conventional episodes from this period.

Here are the segments for ease of reference.

1. Obligatory warning message
2. Mug smash
3. Intro montage
4. B's Pet Peeves #1
5. J&B at the M.A.C. (including Bloomington's Most Well-Lit Urinals)
6. Moshtage (fast in-camera edits; look sharp and you'll see MKM writing a letter in our apartment at 504 E. Cottage Grove #1; music by John Cage and mnortham)
7. Smiling Dog
8. Cartoon
9. Tea party — Age of Aquarius/Cage & Aquarium (from ROX #6)
10. Thinking Man's Bolus
11. Funky Young Media Icons at VITAL Quiz Bowl
12. Chair toss
13. Chocolate tasting
14. High school girls doing exercises — how much trouble would this cause today?
15. Christian Moerlien non-alcoholic beer
16. You're watching television
17. Post-tea-party silliness
18. Red velvet cake
19. Kinko's cabbages, Michael White, turtle/cantaloupe
20. You're still watching television
21. Viewer mail: from D.T.
22. Vocab: D.T.
23. Keleigh's joint query
24. Outro montage, credits roll over police confrontation on Kirkwood

That last segment is, perhaps, of special interest today in light of our nation's increased awareness of police harassment toward African-American men. This video shows that concern is not new; we trained our camera on these cops with the specific thought of deterring any possible brutality. And how refreshing to hear the officer say: “I don't care if you film us, but could you step back please?”

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