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Title: "In Praise of Folly"

Series: ROX
Season: four
Episode Number: 89
Production Date: February 28th, 2003
Running Time: 28:28

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Production Notes:

March 3rd, 2003
What Mortals These Fools Be!

B: I edited ROX #89 out of sequence. We had finished ROX #87, but were still shooting for episode ROX #88. I was itching to edit another TV show, so I got started on #89 and finished it before working on #88.

Like “Mish-Mosh Revisited” (ROX #39), this is one of those shows that was made up entirely in post-production. We didn't conceive of “In Praise of Folly” ahead of time. I just stitched together some of the sillier moments from the video I had on hand, material that didn't seem as though it would fit into any other episode concept we had planned.

It was easy to do. This show flew together, and I enjoyed editing it. That's a stark contrast to episodes 87 & 88, which were long and painful to create.

August 28th, 2004
C'est Magnifique ROX #89

PJ: The song during the Southern Decadence Parade is an original compostion of mine. The lyrics were written in St. Louis while I was on tour with a band called Moonshine Willy. I was thinking about love and animals and how beautiful it all was.

The music kind of grew out of two other songs which kind of fit when I put it all together, to my surprise. One is aa simple riff which was a song called Tragedoo, about how things can be going well with love and then bang!. The other is a song called Genesis which my old band Sardina used to play, it is lifted right out of the chorus.

The recording is with one of my many short lived musical projects called the Weird Messengers, my friends Joe, Joey, and Stevo, and I went out to Joe's dad's place, he had recently passed. We wanted to do some work on the old house and since empty houses have the best acoustics we set up all our instruments... [More...]

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Nice Legs
Some fine gams on display at Southern Decadence in New Orleans. C'est magnifique!

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Editor B shares some home improvement tips.

Carol gives Day a radical new 'do.

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