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Title: "Farewell to Kris"

Series: ROX
Season: zero
Episode Number: 6
Production Date: July 2nd, 1992
Running Time: 30:00

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Production Notes:

February 17th, 2006
Dear John

B: Kris, aka MKM, was my girlfriend for about two years, from the summer of '90 to the summer of '92. That's when she headed off to grad school in Tucson. She was going to establish herself there, and I was going to follow along in January.

It didn't work out that way.

In early June, shortly after the premiere of ROX #1, we had a talk. She was planning to write me a “Dear John” letter once she got out to the Southwest. She felt we were incompatible. I was stunned.

We were still on amicable terms, though, and I think that's evident in our farewell tribute, ROX #6. At the time of the taping, we didn't know what the future held for us. I edited this show on the same day she left.

In the end, we decided to stay apart. We communicate infrequently, and count each other as friends, but I think we both agree that the separation was for the best.

Indeed, it occurs to me that if I had... [More...]


June 23rd, 2003
Why Goodbye?

Lynn: She's going to the University of Arizona in Tuscon to study sociology.

Features Converse Corner and a rant against Nike and Michael Jordan.

At the beginning, J says the show is a farewell in 2 ways, but only mentions Kris's departure. As often happens, his train of thought derails before he reaches the next station.

J rants about the worthlessness of a metal sculpture planted in a field by itself (which happened to be the subject of this episode's art video, what a pun).

Media for Farewell to Kris:
Pix for Farewell to Kris:
"I'm playing Twister!"

Twister Drink
We altered the Milton-Bradley standard-issue Twister spinner to make it more interesting.

J&B Sing
J&B sing the classic "Cage & Aquarium."

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