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Pix for How to Load Fruit

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ROX: How to Load Fruit: Pix
How to Load Fruit
1. Title frame for "How to Load Fruit."

2. Observant critics have often praised ROX for its subtextual subtlety.

3. The on-duty manager informs us of a store policy against video cameras.

Table Tableau
4. Even unloading groceries can be an artistic experience if you are in the right frame of mind.

Flying Hubbard
5. A space alien, cleverly disguised as a hubbard squash, makes an exploratory flight through our living room.

Squash Chunks
6. Mmmm... Squash!

7. You call him Jonathan. We call him the Moon.

Moon Knife
8. Moonboy brandishes his secret weapon.

Ready to Load
9. J has all the necessary ingredients to mix a Loaded Sherbet.

Needle Drip
10. Alcohol oozes from the tip of a syringe.

Grape Injection
11. We tried injecting grapes with alcohol. It didn't work.

12. Another attempt to "load" the grapefruit ends in utter and complete failure.

Fish Baste
13. "I'm basting my fish right now."

Lighter with Stoned Wheat Thins
14. Do we have to spell it out for you?

Resist the Light
15. XY is powerless to resist the light.

Remain in Light
16. B remains in the light.

Triple Corkscrew Slice
17. "Now, take a knife, and slice down in there until you reach metal."

JP Sings
18. Jim Poyser breaks into spontaneous song.

BK Laughs
19. Brian Kearney cracks up.

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