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ROX #46: How to Load Fruit

A fiasco par excellence.






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Title: "How to Load Fruit"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 46
Production Date: November 6th, 1993
Running Time: 27:22

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Production Notes:

August 18th, 2003
Loaded, Loaded

B: At the beginning of ROX #46, J is even more talkative than usual. I think it may have been his first time on downers.

After getting shut down by Kroger management, we returned home and J mixed a drink, the Loaded Sherbet, which has its own story (see the drink itself for details). Then it was on to the main business of the evening: namely, trying to satisfy a viewer request for information on how to “load” fruit with alcohol.

We failed utterly.

This episode contains “timid allusions to other drugs” but I think it's pretty freakin' evident that we're stoners.

This show still cracks me up every time I see it, and I don't crack easy. But I recall that J thought maybe the whole episode should be shit-canned.

The song at the end was entirely improvised. Jim and Brian (another J&B!) had no idea that they would be on television when they stopped by our house that nite, but they certainly rose to the occasion.

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BK Laughs
Brian Kearney cracks up.

Triple Corkscrew Slice
"Now, take a knife, and slice down in there until you reach metal."

You call him Jonathan. We call him the Moon.

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