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ROX #92: Property is Theft, Part II







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Title: "Property is Theft, Part II"

Series: ROX
Season: four
Episode Number: 92
Production Date: June 19th, 2005
Running Time: 30:00

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Production Notes:

June 21st, 2005
Property Wrapped

B: We've finally wrapped up production on ROX #91, “Property is Theft.” Actually, we found it to be such an interesting topic that we ended up making it into two episodes. The second episode, ROX #92, is titled “Property is Theft, Part II.”

The two shows are best viewed back-to-back, preferably with a brief intermission to fix yourself a refreshing beverage — perhaps a White Russian, or a Hurricane, or J's own Porcelain Goddess concoction. Or you might prefer just a straight shot of New Orleans Rum. All of these are featured in the two shows.

We're burning DVDs right now, which we'll be getting out to everybody who was involved in the production. Web versions will be posted on soon. And of course the shows will be seen on FSTV and CATS.

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What Were They Thinking?
"Some people might think this idea that 'property is theft' sounds a little kooky, radical, outside the mainstream. But that's really because this modern system of property ownership is all most of us have ever known. It hasn't always been this way, and it needn't always be this way. Ideas about property change. Take this guy, for example -- Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy. He fought for a system where people could be property... Today that seems totally outrageous, but in his time, a lot of people thought it was just fine and dandy. So who's to say what's next? Our children's children might look back at us and our ideas about property and wonder: What were they thinking?"

Breaking In
Erik breaks in to an apartment.

Russian J
J takes a break from tiling his bathroom to sample a White Russian.

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