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Current Location: Bloomington

Vital Statistics

Real Name:
John Barge
Bloomington, Indiana
Distinguishing Marks:
I have a sparge growing out of my neck.
Current Job(s), Length Held:
I am a licensed Realtor with Century 21.
Last Book Read (and opinion in 4 words or less):
The Beatles Chronicle
Last Video Rented (and opinion in 4 words or less):
Ring Of Fire
Political Orientation:
Moderately Radical Conservative Liberal
Musical Instrument(s):
Singer, guitarist
Favorite Music/Band(s):
The Beatles
Personal Motto/Excuse:
"Life's Too Short To Rent!"
John Sparge

One should not confuse the name John Barge with “sparge” which is a technical term in the brewing of beer.

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Barge Lives
John Barge celebrates Easter with the ROX crew.

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