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Any friend of ours is a friend of fools.

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ROX: People: Molly Shimer

Hey, that's me!

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August 14th, 2003

W. Owen: The girl listed here as Molly Shirey was actually Molly Shimer.

[Editor's Note: We have since corrected the listing. — B]

She was killed in a car crash a few years later, on 9/11/96 no less (just what is it with that date anyway, at least it seems appropriate for it to also be El Jefe's birthday), and there's now a tree and stone plaque in People's Park commemorating her...which actually kind of pisses me off every time I see it because the people who put it there couldn't seem to remember her last name either.

Anyway I can never watch that bit in the show, especially the caption “These people will probably live longer than us”, without my throat getting just a little bit on the lumpy side.

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Molly Anti-Anarchy
Molly is skeptical of the efficacy of anarchism as way of organizing human affairs.

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