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Vital Statistics

Ph.D. in sociology, University of Arizona: May 2001
Distinguishing Marks:
purple-colored overhead projector pen ink on fingers (temporary but frequent)
Prior Convictions:
ex-fundamentalist Christian (currently under treatment)
Current Job(s), Length Held:
sociological prophet (held since 9:08 AM Thursday Sept. 18, 1992)

Production Notes:

January 25th, 2004
Our First Camera Operator

B: MKM was there at the beginning. She was the camera operator for our very first episode ever, ROX #1, and several other early shows. When she moved to Tuscon to pursue graduate studies in sociology, we dedicated ROX #6 to the memory of her passing.

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MKM Writes
Writing a letter.

"This episode was brought to you by the letter L."

MKM's Mouth
MKM describes her day in intimate detail.

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