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The shadowy, subversive group known as the Have Fun Club was active for a short time in Bloomington, Indiana, circa 1992. They drew inspiration from the Situationists, published a number of flyers, and were primarily responsible for the Festival of Fools parade.

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June 10th, 2004
Days Of Drugs And High Ideals

J: What began as a project to foment massive, society-changing revolution across America became an unauthorized parade through a small town in the Midwest.

Such was the trajectory of the Have Fun Club, a group founded with at least a semi-serious desire to change the world, and which basically fell apart after the Festival of Fools Parade.

At least it made for a good TV show.

I can still vaguely remember some of this, though it's fading fast into the jumbled memories of my drug-addled life in the early-to-mid-90s. As I recall — and I'm probably wrong — Editor B and I had this great idea that we could help jumpstart a nationwide revolution. Nothing violent, mind you. More like a coming-out party for Generation X, where the freaks and slackers and pot-smokers would all stand up, declare their independence from the bullshit shallow conservativism of Reagan and Bush, and .... well, I'm not sure where it went from there.

I probably have notes somewhere, scribbled in excited scrawl, cataloguing all the great ideas we had for this revolution.

But those notes got buried somewhere along with the naivette that spawned them.

That probably sounds far more severe than was, or is, actually the case. I still consider myself naive and idealistic, after all.

But you've gotta understand, at the time, I really somehow thought that we could, from our little town in the Midwest, tip some kind of massive scale that was on the verge of tipping itself anyway. We — or, at least, I — thought that the Nation Was Ready for another Sixties-Style Freakout.

And that was just wrong. Bloomington was ready, maybe, kinda. But Bloomington represented about 1/8,000th of America's population. And, frankly, most of the rest of that population wasn't nearly so hip to radical ideals... [More...]

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Even after all these years, the Have Fun Club can be contacted via their post office box.

A Celebration of Freaks...
Detail from the Have Fun Club's fler for the Festival of Fools.

A bemused spectator tosses candy back at the Festival of Fools parade. Note the Have Fun Club flyers!

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