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Carl Orff
Matt Heisel

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Title: "Back in the Camera Again"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 53
Production Date: February 7th, 1994
Running Time: 29:31

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Production Notes:

July 13th, 2003
The Joys Of Not Editing

B: Once again we were in danger of falling behind in our rigorous weekly production schedule, and once again we came up with the same solution: We made another “in camera” episode, much as we had done a couple of months earlier with “29 Minutes” (ROX #45).

As we explain during the course of the program, this means that the show is not edited after the fact. All of the editing is done in the camera, simply by starting and stopping the tape.

All this makes clear that one of our biggest obstacles to cranking out a show every week was the amount of time it took for me to edit them. I often felt overwhelmed, and I relished taking a break from the grind. I also enjoyed relinquishing control and just letting shit happen.

In “29 Minutes” we aimed to produce 29 consecutive vignettes of one minute each. With “Back in the Camera Again” we pursued a freeform style, simply attempting to capture the rhythm of our day as it happened. That's more of a challenge.

And so we traipsed from our house to the post office and back. All effects and transitions were done live using our camera's built-in features. In lieu of graphics, we made a bunch of title cards, which are used to good effect when J mixes the Just Say Yes!

I only added two elements in post-production: music and the final credits.

I recall that J and I had a minor argument about the clock-juggling which he attempts throughout the show. I advised against it on the grounds that it would be pointless and confusing. It seemed to me that he was stuck in “29 Minutes.” But he had a vision which he felt compelled to pursue. If he wasn't like that, ROX probably would never have come into existence.

Incidentally, there's a scene in this show where I'm shaving and make reference to my band, but I don't... [More...]

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Party of J & Matt
J parties down with Cousin Matt.

Sixteen Cents
A random fan at the post office offers us sixteen cents to show his love. We're cheap.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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