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Episode Number One
Sex in the Yukon
Tequila Conflagration
Good Drinx & Bad Art
Rum & Coke Special
Farewell to Kris
Industrial Strength Episode
Special Mish-Mosh Episode
Family Values Special
Personal Hygiene Episode
A Festival of Fools
Peace & Justice Special
J&B Unmasked
Not Special Episode
Congrats to Clinton
Out of Work, Out of Mind
J&B Give Thanx
Beer and Its Abuses
Cold Weather Tips
J&B's Holiday-Type Festivity
Our 21st Birthday
Boyz Nite In
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A Badly Dubbed Foreign Film
An Amazing Concatenation of Events
J&B Get Sick
Fifteen Seconds of Fame
The Great Midwestern Watershed
Our Drinking Problem
Funky Young Siblings of the Midwestern Hemisphere
A Toast to Poverty
Mom, Dad, I'm Getting Married
J&B's Freshman Orientation Program
J's Summer Vacation
B's Summer Vacation
Sloppy But Quick
My Mother the Doctor
Mish-Mosh Revisited
The Eternal Return
Tying One On
Hallowgiving '93
Falling Behind
A Leap of Faith
29 Minutes
The Nature of Reality
Mental Housecleaning
The Mystical State
Golden Showers
What's in Store for '94?
J&B on Ice
Back in the Camera Again
Six Six Six
Up All Nite
Noam Chomsky
The Worm Turns
Coping with the Shock
J&B Get Baked
Sustaining the Buzz
Moving on Down
XY in NY
A Day in the Life
The Overt Promotion of Anarchy
All Saint's Day
Blood on the Dial
Head Jobz
Generation Why?
Prize Fools
Slaves to the Bean
A Semisesquicentennial Celebration
Brew Ha Ha
How to Make Your Own TV Show
Love on the ROX
The Potable Gourmet
Bahamian Rhapsody
The RCA State
J&B Eat Garlic
A Virtual Vacation
Global Village Idiots
The Harvest


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"O Fortuna," the first movement of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, was the theme music for the first three seasons of ROX. The bombastic opening chorus can be heard over the opening title of just about every episode, and often over the closing credits as well, and even over segment titles like "Viewer Mail," especially in the first season.

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February 26th, 2007
Carl Orff - A Stroke Of Genius

Mr. Mike: The opening music fits the show perfectly; it's dramatic, pretentious, and fragmented (we never hear the whole piece, just the opening bars) - so it's a perfect fit with ROX.

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