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Banana Daiquiri
Maggot de Menthe
Medicinal Brandy
Up In Smoke
The Old Switcheroo
Flaming Hot Bird
Crotch Cooler
Same Old Shit
Brownie Blues
Apple B.J.
Just Say Yes!
Blue Law
Antioch Cocktail
Nutty Worm
Pap Smear
Loaded Sherbet
Right Between the Ice
Head Buzz
Big K Slammer
Commie Communion
3 the Fast Way


Doctored Ramen
Squash Soup

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Location: 344 South Dunn [building]

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Production Notes:

December 29th, 2003
Dunn Gone

B: The core ROX crew lived together for one short year at 344 South Dunn Street (Bloomington, Indiana).

If you visit this historic site today, you'll see that the house was demolished and replaced by an apartment building.

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Dunn [street]

Basement at 344 S Dunn [basement]

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Burn Rose
Worm attempts to set a rose on fire.

J Drinks, B Gesticulates
While J drains his customary pre-show beverage, Editor B welcomes the viewing public to the second season of ROX.
Jim explains where to get free porn.

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