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ROX #60: Sustaining the Buzz

"Getting high and getting the attention for it." -- The Bloomington Voice




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Carl Orff

Title: "Sustaining the Buzz"

Series: ROX
Season: three
Episode Number: 60
Production Date: unknown
Running Time: 29:30

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Production Notes:

April 19th, 2014
A Buzz Sustained

B: ROX #60 covers the immediate aftermath of ROX #59 and as such the two should really be watched back to back for maximum impact. ROX #59 was intended as a provocation, and ROX #60 demonstrates that the provocation was at least partially successful.

Said aftermath was mainly a blitz of media coverage. As shown here, the three network affiliates from Indianapolis (that's ABC, CBS & NBC) did stories on us, plus we got some air time on AM1370. That was of course only the beginning. We didn't know that Howard Stern played a clip on his show. We didn't know the government would denounce us as anarchists. We didn't know our antics would land us on MTV. All that came later. This show documents what happened during that first week, and as such it takes on the air of a celebratory victory lap. Or perhaps a victory toke.

The scandalized media reactions seem dated by 2014 standards, as various... [More...]


June 9th, 2003
How To Sustain A Buzz...

Skippy: The best way to watch Episode 60 is to watch it immediately after watching “J&B Get Baked” (ROX #59); the focus on the media's reaction to #59 adds a great deal of depth to the earlier episode.

It's pretty much necessary to watch #59 first in order to get the full impact, even though J&B re-use some of the earlier footage.

A fascinating look at ROX from both sides!


Media for Sustaining the Buzz:
Pix for Sustaining the Buzz:
Bike Worm
Worm experiences a wardrobe malfunction while trying to ride her bike wrapped in a towel. Note the David Schalk election sign in the foreground.

Dale Speaks
Dale talks to us about his case.

The 11th Commandment
ROX promulgates the long-lost and little-known 11th Commandment.

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