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July 21st, 2003
Disturbed Indeed

B: J's brother, Anal, gave us a videotape that had been made by some of his friends in Lexington, Kentucky. They called it “Disturbed Monkey Love,” and it was truly twisted stuff.

We featured a segment from the tape every week for a couple of months during our first season.

One night I watched the show over at a friend's apartment. The “Disturbed Monkey Love” segment was so weird and disturbing that my friend's young daughter got really freaked out and was unable to watch the rest of the show.


September 3rd, 2006
"Disturbed" Ain't Fucking Kidding Around.

W. Owen: I still remember when I first saw these.

Keep in mind that back then I was getting stoned a lot on Tuesday nights while watching the show (and damn near every other night as well). I caught some of the early segments of this in reruns and thought it was the most dada fucked up shit I'd ever seen in my life.

After that, it just started getting pointlessly gross and disgusting. But for a while there it was pretty damn hardcore.

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Peaches and Cream
A disturbed monkey-woman applies whipped cream to her peach.

Hornrim Halo
Feeling kinda pukey...

Disturbed Monkey Love Part 3
Title frame for Disturbed Monkey Love Part 3.

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