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ROX: 344 South Dunn: Pix
J Drinks, B Gesticulates
1. While J drains his customary pre-show beverage, Editor B welcomes the viewing public to the second season of ROX.

2. J blends up a banana daquiri for Worm's 21st birthday party.

3. As XY's mother said: "You can't possibly go to New York with all that facial hair."

J's Last Dump
4. J takes his last dump at our old house. His roommates didn't even have the common decency to leave him alone during this most private moment. We had to shove a video camera in the window and tape him in the act. Then we put it on TV. That's the ROX way.

Good Haircut
5. B shaves his head to kick off the third season of ROX.

Teddy Burns
6. B burns his old teddy bear as a symbolic farewell to childhood and childish things.

7. B reads a letter from a viewer.

The Landlord
8. The landlord completes our exit inspection. Since we cleaned the place thoroughly, we got a full refund of our damage deposit!

9. TBlack's ass crack. 'Nuff said.

After a Shower
10. When you live the ROX life, you have to be prepared to be on television at any moment.

J&B at Table
11. J&B at the kitchen table of 344 S Dunn.

Big Day
12. The groom's mind is devoid of content on his wedding day.

Black Hands
13. XY is covered with black paint after painting the puppet stage. How many brides get this dirty for their wedding? Jeff Lee built the stage.

More Genitalia
14. Our viewers demanded more genitalia. So we gave them this.

JP Sings
15. Jim Poyser breaks into spontaneous song.

BK Laughs
16. Brian Kearney cracks up.

17. You call him Jonathan. We call him the Moon.

Moon Knife
18. Moonboy brandishes his secret weapon.

19. XY and Worm provide an impromptu vocal track.

Chance Encounter
20. Our neighbor, Chance, pops over for a brief visit.

Cold's Banishment Tea
21. We got some Cold's Banishment Tea from the local headshop, the Eye.

How to Load Fruit
22. Title frame for "How to Load Fruit."

23. Look it up if you don't know what it means.

Medicinal Brandy
24. J gets ready to mix a medicinal brandy for XY.

25. XY had a cold, so she asked J to make her a medicinal drink.

Medicinal Drink
26. XY takes a sip from the piping hot medicinal concoction.

Mintal Ward
27. J prepares to mix a Mintal Ward, a tribute to Diane Ward, and J's first silent drink!

28. XY flashes a nip for the fisheye.

29. Worm is for real.

30. Worm is ready for anything.

31. Editor B rewinds the tape.

32. XY fixes herself a snack of Campell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. She was feeling nauseous. "I know, it's the morning, I'm feeling sick, I'm a newlywed -- I know what you're thinking."

The Eternal Return
33. Title frame for "The Eternal Return." J, Worm and XY display their bellies.

Turning 21
34. TBlack tells the fantastical tale of his 21st birthday.

Tying Original
35. Original title frame for "Tying One On."

36. J re-enacts a late-night phone call from a "fan."

Camera Operator Alan
37. J's brother often wielded the ROX camera.

J&B Toast
38. J&B drink a toast to their 50th episode. It seemed like a big number at the time.

B Reads
39. B reads "To the Graduating Class."

Apple B.J. 4
40. J gets ready to mix another Apple B.J. This is starting to seem strangely familiar...

Apple B.J.
41. J gets ready to mix an Apple B.J.

Apple B.J. 2
42. J gets ready to mix another Apple B.J.

Apple B.J. 3
43. J gets ready to mix yet another Apple B.J.

Apple B.J. 5
44. It's late. Must be time for another Apple B.J.

Two Ounces
45. J uses sign language to indicate that you should add two ounces of creme de menthe to your drink.

Three Dollops
46. Nothing makes a drink taste good like a dollop or three of ice cream. Mmmm!

Ready to Load
47. J has all the necessary ingredients to mix a Loaded Sherbet.

Fish Baste
48. "I'm basting my fish right now."

Remain in Light
49. B remains in the light.

Resist the Light
50. XY is powerless to resist the light.

Lighter with Stoned Wheat Thins
51. Do we have to spell it out for you?

No Glory
52. XY doesn't always get to share in the glory, but the show wouldn't be the same without her.

53. Another attempt to "load" the grapefruit ends in utter and complete failure.

Grape Injection
54. We tried injecting grapes with alcohol. It didn't work.

Another Receipt
55. We kept getting bundles of receipts in the mail from someone named "Joe M. Ma."

Right Between the Ice
56. "Bad pun -- 'right between the ice' -- get it?"

2 Ice Cubes
57. Let your ice sit out for a few minutes so that it develops a nice sheen of water.

58. This cocktail seems to have hit J right between the eyes.

Amaretto: Pour It All In
59. Mixology is a delicate science that requires precision measurement.

Head Buzz
60. J dons the appropriate headgear to mix a Head Buzz.

Mango Madness
61. If you can't lay your hands on some Mango Madness, any tropical fruit juice will do.

A Little Bit of Triple Sec
62. J muscles open a bottle of triple sec. Nothing can keep this man away from his liquor!

63. Fez is a city in Morocco, located northeast of Casablanca. It is also the name given to a particular kind of flat-topped felt hat worn by men of the eastern Mediterranean.

Jenny B, J&B, TBlack
64. Clockwise from upper left: Jenny B holds an umbrella over J's head while TBlack pretends to smoke through the arm of a recliner and Editor B videotapes it all. (Photo by Kevin Stuart for the IDS.)

65. J examines a bud. This photograph by Kevin Stuart originally appeared in the Indiana Daily Student.

Posterized Lighter
66. The lighter makes its appearance.

Squash Chunks
67. Mmmm... Squash!

Table Tableau
68. Even unloading groceries can be an artistic experience if you are in the right frame of mind.

Flying Hubbard
69. A space alien, cleverly disguised as a hubbard squash, makes an exploratory flight through our living room.

70. J samples the Insomniac.

Triple Corkscrew Slice
71. "Now, take a knife, and slice down in there until you reach metal."

Needle Drip
72. Alcohol oozes from the tip of a syringe.

Andrea, Kyle and J
73. Andrea and Kyle stare in amazement and horror at the spectacle unfolding in the kitchen. As usual, J is distracted by the camera.

Smoking Rose
74. Worm smokes rose leaves.

Worm Burns A Rose
75. By dousing the rose with alcohol, Worm finally got it to catch fire.

Burn Rose
76. Worm attempts to set a rose on fire.

Goofus & Gallant
77. XY drew this picture in honor of our gallant neighbor, Chance.

Blue Law
78. In honor of Indiana's arcane liquor laws, J gets ready to mix a Blue Law.

Take Drugs Often
79. J dispenses wisdom to the new crop of freshmen.
80. Jim explains where to get free porn.

Para Pher Nali A
81. ROX breaks down your vocabulary word.

The End of an Era
82. The core ROX crew lived in this big old house for just one year.

Take-Home Pay
83. J & Jim compare take-home pay.

84. J & Jim compare grade point averages.

SOS Title
85. J gets ready to mix a Same Old Shit -- on the back of a toilet, of course.

Brownie Blues Title
86. B introduces another fine concoction by the resident ROX mixologist.

XY Analytical
87. XY's GRE scores reveal a distinctly non-analytical mindset.

Blue Flame
88. This is what burning alcohol looks like.

Tastes Like Shit
89. J renders an honest assessment.

90. B puts the camera in the refrigerator.

Cruciform Kyle
91. Kyle is pretending to be Jesus again.

Burning Poetry
92. The poetry of Dennis Sipe inflames our sensibilities.

Sloppy Title
93. Title frame for ROX #37, "Sloppy But Quick." Some of Editor B's early works on VHS can be seen in the background. Bonus points if you can make out any of those titles.

94. XY drew the rune Degaz upon her departure to New York.

Founder of the DEA
95. This man is the founder of the DEA. Well, that's what he told us, anyway. We believe him.

Dirt Title
96. J mixes a drink so tasty, he decides to christen it "Dirt."

Crotch Prep
97. J gets ready to mix a Crotch Cooler.

98. 25% of Americans list television as their most eagerly anticipated daily activity.

Cooking Dough
99. Xy cooks up a batch of play dough.

The Jones Family
100. Look! It's the Jones family.

J&B in the Rain
101. J&B: Two dumb Hoosier fucks who don't know enough to come in from the rain.

Vocabulary: Transmigration
102. Our guest explains what it's like to share his body with another being.

Roger Von Yogananda
103. Our special guest shares just a few of the names by which he has been known.

Rudi's Book
104. We didn't read Rudi's book, but we looked at all the pictures, and we can vouch for the fact that there doesn't seem to be any real cannibalism going on.

Up Close & Personal with Xy
105. Xy bleaches her facial hair.

Back in the Title Again
106. Editor B is Back in the Camera Again.

Yes Title
107. J gets ready to mix a Just Say Yes!

T Sings
108. TBlack sings for his supper.

Party of J & Matt
109. J parties down with Cousin Matt.

Apartments at 344
110. An apartment building now stands at 344 S. Dunn, formerly the site of an old house where the core ROX crew lived and taped much of the historic second season of ROX.

Lighter on Panelling
111. The lighter again. You know what that means.

Happy J
112. Is he on drugs or something?

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