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Location: CATS (formerly BCAT) [television station]

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May 6th, 2006
Bloomington Premiere

B: Television viewers in Bloomington, Indiana, will soon have a chance to see how we fared during Hurricane Katrina. Thrill to our harrowing evacuation! Sigh with relief as we take refuge in the city of Bloomington! Weep as we return to our flooded home in New Orleans!

Yes, ROX #93 will air on CATS Channel 3 on May 12th and again on May 16th at 10pm.

A tip of the hat to our faithful community sponsor, Paul Smedberg — and to Mike Leonard for delivering the video to Paul.

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You're Watching BCAT3
ROX first appeared on Bloomington Community Access Television, which was channel 3.

Editor B is trapped in a nowhere space, a lightless void of utter blackness. Actually it's CATS Studio A in Bloomington, Indiana, but the background of stark nothingness symbolizes his displacement from the city of New Orleans.

Separated by thousands of miles of geography, old buddies J&B use sometimes-funky technology to stay in touch.

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