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Music By

Carl Orff
The Hafler Trio
Ornette Coleman
Gustav Mahler

Title: "J&B on the Road"
Series: J&B on the Road
Episode Number: 1
Production Date: June 1st, 1992
Running Time: 29:40

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Production Notes:

December 31st, 2003
When Is An Episode Of ROX Not An Episode Of ROX?

B: In the summer of 1992, shortly after we'd cranked out the first episodes of a new television series we called “J&B on the ROX,” I made a roadtrip to Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin with J and MKM, my girlfriend at the time.

My late grandfather had a doublewide trailer on the outskirts of Potawatomi State Park, and my relatives graciously allowed us to stay there.

Naturally we took the video camera with us and made a TV show out of the whole adventure.

But for some reason, we didn't think of this program as being part of the “J&B on the ROX” series. We gave it a different name — “J&B on the Road” — and it was therefore never assigned an episode number in what has become the ROX canon.

I can only speculate as to what we were thinking at the time. I suppose that, because we had deviated (however slightly) from the formula we'd established in our first few shows, we thought this program didn't fit into the series and was more of a special. How silly and self-important that seems now. In time, we would learn that variety is the spice of art, and the show became much less formulaic and open to all sorts of experimentation.

Media for J&B on the Road:
Pix for J&B on the Road:
J Fishes the Bay
J casts his rod on the waters of Sturgeon Bay.

Tapestry Fawn
A young fawn makes its way through the snow. This is a detail from a tapestry in Grandpa Sid's trailer.

J&B enjoy a couple of fine beers from Cherryland Crewing Company of Door County, Wisconsin.

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