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The image of a cigarette lighter being flicked appears in many ROX second season episodes.

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Production Notes:

August 10th, 2003
All Lit Up

B: Toward the end of ROX #35 (“J's Summer Vacation”) there's a brief shot, in extreme close-up, of a cigarette lighter being flicked into flame. There's no explanation given, but it's followed by a rousing improvisational song, inspired by the preceding Bible reading.

The lighter motif first appeared in ROX #34 and is repeated throughout many episodes in our second season. It was our way of signalling that point in the taping of each episode when the crew would take a break for some herbal refreshments. We weren't quite ready to show the act itself on television — yet.

I'm not sure that any viewers ever picked up on our secret signal.

Media for The Lighter:
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Lighter on Panelling
The lighter again. You know what that means.

Posterized Lighter
The lighter makes its appearance.

Lighter with Stoned Wheat Thins
Do we have to spell it out for you?

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