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ROX #42: Hallowgiving '93

Push back the turkey.




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Carl Orff
Jimi Hendrix
Frank Black
Bloomington High School North Marching Band

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Title: "Hallowgiving '93"

Series: ROX
Season: two
Episode Number: 42
Production Date: unknown
Running Time: 0:00

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Production Notes:

July 12th, 2003
Better Safe Than Sorry

B: This episode shows people lighting themselves on fire and blowing up pumpkins with homemade bombs.

We were worried that some dumb kid might try to copy us and end up getting hurt, so we changed a few pieces of information. We specified the inflammatory agent as glycerine, which does not in fact burn, and we said the bomb was made with black-eyed peas.

On a completely unrelated note: The credits give thanks to one Bill Bailey, which I understand was Axl Rose's given name. Like ROX, Axl Rose is also from Indiana. But that's not the Bill Bailey we were thanking! The credit goes to William J. Bailey, M.P.H., the Executive Director of the Indiana Prevention Resource Center. We used some IPRC statistics on student drug use in the show.


February 11th, 2004

W. Owen: I used to go back and freeze-frame the explosion segment while watching this one, just because there's one frame that looks really cool and you can actually see a glowing crack in the top of the pumpkin right before it splatters all over the place. In other words, the entire explosion is completely contained within the vegetable in question for that brief fraction of a second. (Okay, so it's a lot more entertaining after a good hit or two.)

The “turning J into a turkey” bit at the end is rather dumb, but was always eminently watchable for me...especially Mary H's line “I can't believe I slept with this guy”.

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